AltoConvertPDFtoExcel: About Us

Located in Boston, we are a compact, hard-working team that’s enthusiastic in the work we do.

We strongly believe that digital documents are the future of how all businesses and individuals will manage their daily workflows. With our service, we want to be a part of this development and create a solution that is affordable for everyone.

Another core belief of ours is that our customers’ time is very valuable. That’s why our users will never receive spam from our service - so we’ll never require you to provide your personal information or contact details such as an email or phone number.

We don’t want to put any restrictions on the amount of conversions our users can complete over a specific period of time - which is why our service has no trial periods. You can convert as many PDFs to Excel spreadsheets as you need. To make our service even more convenient, customers can use this platform on any internet- connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Your spreadsheets will still be perfectly formatted and you’ll be able to process the data contained in your PDF sample and edit it how you choose.

We’ve equipped our solution with the ability to upload documents from your device's internal storage and cloud services (like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive). The documents are then processed in a safe and secure environment and then deleted once you refresh the page or start a new operation. We do this to help protect your data because keeping your personal information safe is our top priority.

The most effective way to improve our platform is by listening to user feedback. We are always pleased to hear your suggestions and thoughts regarding this platform.

So don’t hesitate to share your opinions about our service, because for us, a pleased customer is the highest reward!