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AltoPDFtoExcel is an absolutely free and time-saving platform that doesn’t require you to purchase additional software.

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Our app is compatible with Linux, MacOS and Windows. Seamlessly convert your PDFs in any browser and on any Internet-connected device.

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AltoPDFtoExcel is a web based app which doesn’t affect your device’s resources. Use it to change your PDF documents to XLS anytime.


File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF file extension was developed by Adobe Systems. Its full name is the Portable Document Format. PDFs may contain images and text, as well as different interactive buttons, hyperlinks, fonts, video content, and some other elements. PDF format is often used to create and view various manuals, eBooks, brochures and other sorts of documents. PDFs don't rely on any kind of a software, operating system or hardware. That's why they always look the same as when they were created, independent of any device you use to open them.
Technical Details: A PDF file includes two layouts. These are non-linear (i.e. not optimized) and linear (i.e. optimized). Non-linear files consume less drive space than linear ones. However, they are slower to access. Linear PDF files can be read in a Web browser plugin without downloading the entire file. This is possible because they are written to a drive in a linear fashion. PDFs can be optimized with Adobe Acrobat software or QPDF.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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File extension .xls/.xlsx/.csv
Internet media type


Description: XLS is a file extension for a spreadsheet file format. It is created by Microsoft and is used with Microsoft Excel. XLS is a proprietary format for storing files with Microsoft Excel 97-2003. Later versions of Excel save spreadsheets in the XLSX format. XLS files store data in tables of rows and columns providing support for formatted text, images, charts, etc.
Technical Details: The XLS file format is the Binary Interchange File Format (BIFF). Data contained inside Office Document files is stored in series of fixed-size streams. The location of each of them is described by sector allocation tables. The streams contain meta-data information about the file itself, i.e. the author name, subject, individual sheet names. XLS files can be opened by the Microsoft Excel Viewer and OpenOffice.
Developed by Microsoft
Initial Release: 1987
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How-to Guide

How to convert a PDF file to an Excel spreadsheet online

  1. Open in your web browser.
  2. Within the app, click Choose File and attach a PDF document stored on your device.
  3. Click a Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive icon to import a file stored in the cloud.
  4. Wait for your upload to complete. Click Convert Now!
  5. Click Work on your PDF. Choose what else you’d like to do with your document.
  6. Click Download Now to save the converted Excel file to your device.
  7. Click a Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive icon export the resulting document to your cloud storage account.
  8. Click Start over again to convert another PDF file.

How to Convert PDF to Excel

If you are choosing what document format works for your business workflow the best, it’s advisable to pay attention to how you are going to use it. Each format has it’s pros and cons. For example, PDF is best for controlled layout and printing. It is one of the most widely used formats so it’s no surprise if you prefer it over other formats. However, if the document requires complex calculations, formatting can be an issue. For this purpose, you may want to convert your PDF documents into Excel.

How to export PDF files to Excel without installing software.

It always takes a lot of time and effort to choose the software that will satisfy your needs the best. Using the appropriate product for your company can significantly increase productivity. Of course, there is a range of powerful programs that offer many benefits, but the process of installing has not gotten any easier. By using software, you are always tied to your computer and you lose flexibility of movement. But now there exists a more superior and flexible alternative. This alternative gives you the ability to convert PDF to Excel with an online service as opposed to using software.The main advantage of converting files online is that you have the ability to operate your documents on-the-go. The PDF to Excel converter works in any browser and it is compatible with any Operating System. You can work with your tablet, smartphone or any Internet-connected device. There is no longer any need to worry about storage consumed on your device because the entire process takes place online. There is a wide variety of powerful tools that exist in cloud storage. Furthermore, there are no requirements to make any payments. Convert PDF to Excel absolutely for free.

How to Convert a PDF Image to an Excel Spreadsheet

To convert Pdf to Excel follow these few simple steps. It takes significantly less time than copying and pasting from PDF to Excel.

  1. Click the “Choose” file button.
  2. Select the needed document from your computer and put it into the box using a simple drag and drop function.
  3. Once the PDF document is uploaded, click the “Convert” button. On the page that appears next, select the "Excel" button from the format options.
  4. The Pdf to Excel conversion will be instantly performed. Download the new file to your device or begin editing using various tools and features.
  5. When you're done with editing, click the 'Done' button and save the final result.

You are also able to use the “Save As” feature directly from your "My Documents" page. If the PDF document is already uploaded to your account, check its box in "My Documents" and click "Save As" on the right. Click the "Excel" button on the page that opens next.

Industry-leading encryption ensures that all documents you convert using this online application are highly-protected. There are only two things to remember. Be sure not to upload more than 1 doc at a time and ensure that the document’s file size does not exceed 25 MB.

Although business management can be a stressful process, at least you can facilitate how your documents operate. Streamlined workflow saves you time and increases efficiency. You can now use the best paperless solution just by having an Internet connection. Secured PDF to Excel Converter is available online for free.


There are a lot of available ways to convert pdf to excel, however, the most convenient one is AltoPDFtoExcel converter. All you have to do is upload the initial document on any device with an Internet connection, press the orange button and then either edit it or download, share, save. You can also work directly with Cloud Storage and Google Drive.

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Your information is always secure

We use encrypted cloud storage to process any document you upload and convert. Each file is deleted from the server as soon as the job is done. If you want to protect your document with a password, use our online PDF editor. It allows you to set two-factor authentication in your encrypted folder.